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Airport Security and other Travel Annoyances

Comments, rants, and raves about travel annoyances, including TSA, scanners, pat-downs, lost luggage, delays, etc. Posts are displayed in descending order (newest posts are on the top).


On 2015-02-04 22:59:40 U.S. Mountain Time, Stop the Hate stepped onto the Soapbox and proclaimed:
This world is doomed. Everywhere, there is strife. One half of the world is filled with war and death and disease, and the other half is too busy legalizing things that should never even be thought about instead of helping our brothers and sisters. Our whole world is a culture of death. If you are reading, please just stop, and sit, and think. Stop despising the religious and instead look at them and listen. Be peaceful, and love. Just stop arguing with everyone. It's pointless. Stop fighting! Care about those who are dying! Stop limiting my rights!!!
I can no longer freely practice my religion. America is supposed to be free. But everyday I am tormented for my beliefs. HOW IS THAT FREE?!? I have done nothing wrong to you people! I'm just a kid, I don't hate homosexual or bisexual or transgender people. I don't support gay marriage, but how does that make me evil?!? Right now you are probably thinking something horrible about me just because I don't support gay marriage. I have a homosexual cousin! I don't hate homosexuals! I pity them, for they have suffered, and they will likely continue to suffer. Please stop believing the media! I am not evil just because I believe in GOD and listen to His Word!!! Please stop hating! You cannot possibly fathom how hurt I am. You may believe I am the bully, but I have been bullied and persecuted all my life, and now everyday I see someone who despises me simply because I believe something they don't. Do not be like everyone else. The religious can be annoying--believe me, I know! So ignore them!!! Ignore them and move on, instead of hating those you don't understand.
STOP HATING. There is too much war already. We are always fighting. I'm not just talking about religion vs. secular anymore. Everyone is so full of hate now. And I know I can't convince everyone--in fact, someone is probably going to rant about me on this very site--but hopefully I can at least convince you. Please read these words, and don't forget them. Please stop hating. Please, PLEASE stop fighting. If you don't understand someone's faith, look it up--visit a site supported by that religion. Secular sites lie about religion, and many religious themselves are so full of hate and misunderstanding that they have forgotten the true message. I'm not asking you to go hug your enemies. I'm asking you to stop hating them, or, at the very least, to be friendly towards them. Please, please listen. I'm not here to debate. I'm just trying to do something. I'm sick--literally--of all the hate. It is just too much, and we have got to stop.
That's all I have really. I'm pleading from the bottom of my heart.

On 2014-11-19 20:09:50 U.S. Mountain Time, CRAP stepped onto the Soapbox and proclaimed:
i picked travel as i am going see how far across the street i can drop kick my cats ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dont know who pissed in his cornflakes buttttt if he pisses on my beloved electric blanky i will personally eletrocute him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have cat piss on my toes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

potencially he doesnt like cosby orrrr me going to bed at 7.....

asshole cat

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On 2014-09-16 21:05:43 U.S. Mountain Time, Tes stepped onto the Soapbox and proclaimed:

On 2012-12-04 14:18:15 U.S. Mountain Time, I Love trams but... stepped onto the Soapbox and proclaimed:
TRams are convenient, but often overcrowded. You have to hold on because they're not particularly smooth. Yesterday it was very full, but a family of 5 pushed their way on, with two little kids with enormous backpacks (twice as deep as they were!). The "mother" told the kids to hold on, but no, not to her, and the boy was complaining he couldn't reach. This was over his sister with the enormous bag. I was right next to them, barely holding on myself, and let them be for about three minutes then gently suggested to the mother "putting the backpacks on the ground might help". She just about exploded, ranting that why don't you tell him [the kid], he speaks English, ra ra ra.

For fuck's sake, I thought I was talking to a responsible adult, but obviously not.

Whatever, bitch. So I shrugged, and left them to it. Funnily enough after a minute of rolling eyes and complaining, the bags came off and there was room.

If you don't want to be squeezed on public transport, get in your Rolls Royce. I'm sure your driver needs the pennies.

On 2012-07-30 07:52:48 U.S. Mountain Time, Oldfart stepped onto the Soapbox and proclaimed:
Travel Annoyances.
Here is one for you: fucking Israelis when you are backpacking in India. Absolute turds. Arrogant, stealing, loud, aggressive, condescending garbage. They literally take over a place and glare and moan if anybody else dares to come near. In somebody else's country, sound familiar? They are a fucking plague. The only reason they are there is because it is cheap and the shekel is basically a crap third world currency. Also not many other countries will give them a visa (what does that say?).Oh,of course, it is not that they are absolute shits but that everybody is just antisemitic, well fuck that. I donít give a flying fuck if you are blue and pray to a tree, it is nothing to do with who or what people are, it is to do with people acting like utter shits. Horrible people with a horrible, misogynistic, shit way of treating everybody around them. Thank fuck there time is most definitely coming. The Indian government is starting to make it really hard for them to go there, just like all the other countries who saw the light and wont let them in. Then decent people can get some peace to enjoy South Asia without having to share it with these scum. Seriously, what does it say if country after country has had enough and starts to restrict or ban there movements there? Hu?

On 2012-06-10 01:50:29 U.S. Mountain Time, Hotelier stepped onto the Soapbox and proclaimed:
I know it upsets some people if they can't get a room with a king bed... But unless it's your honeymoon... and you booked two full sized beds... You're sleeping in a double. If you complain that you an your spouse "can't sleep on these itty bitty beds" it just makes everyone at the front desk think that you're really REALLY fat. And my fat self and fat boyfriend sleep on a double bed. So. If you have to complain... You must be REALLY fat. Oh... And I don't care if you're tall. King beds and full beds are the same height. So. Stop complaining. We just think you're fat.

On 2012-03-13 12:24:42 U.S. Mountain Time, I like buses stepped onto the Soapbox and proclaimed:
I think the bus is an unappreciated way to travel. Prolly because it's associated with poor people who can't afford cars, and runaways.

Some day I would like to travel across the United States by bus, stopping along the way in the small towns and meating the people.

On 2012-03-12 21:48:43 U.S. Mountain Time, Frequent Flyer stepped onto the Soapbox and proclaimed:
I hope "Billy Wildman" below is a troll or is making it up. That sounds like some sick shit. It wouldn't surprise me, though, given some of the TSA types I've run into.

But in fairness, most of the ones I've dealt with have been decent. Some of them are pretty fucked up, though. Real power-trip types with their tin badges and rubber gloves.

Still, I hope "Billy" is making it up. That would be really fucked up if it's true.

On 2012-03-12 15:38:18 U.S. Mountain Time, Billy Wildman stepped onto the Soapbox and proclaimed:
The tsa guy at the airport checked my dick and balls when we went to disney over the break. I kinda enjoyed it to tell you the truth. He just stuck his hand down there and started feeling arouns. My mom and dad complained to his boss about it before he started, but they said it was either let him check my dick or I woould have to get stripsearched, and we was alraedy late. Well they didn't use the word dick but you known what I mean. I think it felt kinda good though. I think the tsa guy knew it too, because when my dick started to get a little hard he winked at me an he stuck his fingers inside the hole in my boxers and played with my dick a little bit more.

On 2012-02-27 11:36:27 U.S. Mountain Time, Larry stepped onto the Soapbox and proclaimed:
They really need to require that TSA screeners use deodorant. When they lift their arms to wand you some of them can knock you out with their B.O.

On 2012-02-27 11:36:00 U.S. Mountain Time, Old Soldier stepped onto the Soapbox and proclaimed:
The only purpose of TSA is to get Americans to accept the government's premise that they no longer have any rights. It's to get Americans accustomed to indignity and oppression as facts of everyday life, so when fascism begins in earnest, Americans won't resist.

And by the way -- it's all being done with Obama's blessing. Big Sister Janet Napolitano works for him, remember? DHS is a cabinet-level department, and Sec DHS is a cabinet-level post. She works for him, so whatever she does through the modern-day Stasi that they call TSA is done with the blessings of the Fascist in Chief in the White House.

That's Change you can believe in, huh?

On 2012-02-27 11:35:31 U.S. Mountain Time, John from Brooklyn stepped onto the Soapbox and proclaimed:
I hear they're going to start requiring passengers to fart on command to make sure they're not concealing explosives in their asses. Although, some of my farts could easily be mistaken for explosions.

On 2012-02-27 11:35:00 U.S. Mountain Time, true patriot stepped onto the Soapbox and proclaimed:
i think tsa could save a lot of time by doing the following at every airport:

1, have every male pull his penis out while in line. the guys who aren't circumcised can go right through because they're not muslim so they can't be terrorists.

2, all muslim men are circumcised, but not all circumcised men are muslim. so offer each circumcised man a bite of a ham sandwich or a piece of bacon. if they turn it down they either are muslim, very religious jewish, or vegetarian. but if they eat the pork, let them through because then you know that they're not muslim.

3, because some non-muslim men don't eat pork either, ask all the men who refused the pork to say "MOHAMMAD WAS A PHONY AND A PEDOPHILE!" a muslim could never say such a thing (even though it's true), so then you know who the muslims are.

4, send only the muslims through the scanner or patdown, and let everyone else just get on the plane.


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