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The Big Old Soapbox

The Big Old Soapbox is an anonymous platform for anyone in the Internet-connected world to speak what's on their mind about any topic, without censorship or moderation. It is dedicated to free speech for all people.

Rant and Rave Anonymously in our Virtual Town Square


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The Big Old Soapbox is an anonymous, online forum where anyone can say anything about any topic, without moderation or censorship. It's a social experiment that is dedicated to free speech. Think of it as a big old soapbox in the town square. Anyone (including you!) is welcome to climb on our anonymous online soapbox and make your thoughts known to the world.

There is no censorship or moderation, and submitted content is not screened (except for virus scanning and automated spam filtering). Obscenities are not filtered, either, so there may be some rough language in the posts.

You don't have to provide your real name. In fact, we urge you not to.

There is no registration, no login, and no place to enter your email address or other identifying information. We are not interested in who you are. We're only interested in what you have to say.

This is an ephemeral forum. Only a certain number of posts appear on each topic, sorted by recency. The older posts disappear as they are pushed out by new posts. The old posts also disappear from our database the moment they disappear from the site; so not even we have a permanent record of what is said here.



The nature of this site is such that the content is unmoderated, largely unmonitored, uncensored, and anonymous. It is therefore very likely that you will find something here that you find offensive. This site is intended for viewing and participation by mature adults who love and respect the right to free speech.

Your use of this site, including reading or posting any comments, constitutes explicit acceptance of our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

If you disagree with our terms of use, if you are easily offended, if you're a whiner or crybaby, or if you are not an adult in the jurisdiction where you live, please click here to be taken to a site randomly selected from our top-secret list of less-offensive sites.


Still here? Good.

One more thing you have to understand is that because we require no registration or login, anyone can pretend to be anyone else. So if you see something posted by, say, President Obama, Queen Elizabeth, or Bill Gates, there's a pretty good chance that the comment was posted by someone else pretending to be one of those people.

Finally, don't believe anything you read here! Seriously. Again, anyone can post anything on this site, including outright lies and other nonsense. So if you try to "prove" some point or another by saying, "But I read in on the Big Old Soapbox," don't complain to us when other people think you're a moron.


Site News:

  • A new category page has been added for Health and Health Care! (01/26/13)
  • The Gas Prices page has been retired due to lack of interest. (01/26/13)
  • A new category page has been added for Gun Control! (01/11/13)
  • A new category page has been added for Pet Peeves! (12/29/12)
  • By popular demand, the message size limit has been increased to a whopping 7,500 characters! Rant on! (12/28/12)
  • The maximum number of messages saved and displayed in each category has been increased to 15. (12/27/12)
  • The spam-filtering has been tweaked. (12/27/12)
  • New pages have been added for rants and raves about Landlords and Tenants! (08/22/12)
  • New, enhanced spam-filtering has been implemented. (03/21/12)
  • The maximum message size has been increased again -- this time to 5,000 characters! (03/11/12)
  • A new category has been added for Music and music-related comments.
  • The site has gotten a minor face lift. How do you like it? (Opinions can be posted in the "Everything Else" category, I guess.)
  • The maximum number of messages saved and displayed in each category has been increased to 10.
  • Three new topic pages have been added: Jokes, Sports and Athletes, and Man-Made Global Warming.
  • The message size limit has now been increased to 2,500 characters! The previous limit just wasn't enough to get a good rant going.
  • Mobile Version of Big Old Soapbox is Live. Believe me, I know how frustrating it is when you're in desperate need of an anonymous ranting Web site, but you're nowhere near a computer. That's why I've created Big Old Soapbox - Mobile Version. Give it a try!


Frequently (Sort-of) Asked Questions

How long will my comments appear on the site?

It varies. Just like a real soapbox in a town square, this site is designed to be an an ephemeral forum. What is said eventually will fade away, and only those who are present at a particular time will ever get to "hear" it. Old posts are constantly replaced by new posts at a rate that depends on the topic's popularity. So your post may remain for minutes, hours, days, or weeks.

Can a post be removed once it's posted?

No. This is an unmoderated, largely unmonitored site. There is no mechanism to "report a bad post" or request that a post be removed except for posting new comments until the "offensive" post is pushed out by the new ones.

In other words, once something is posted, it is there until other posts replace it. So don't say anything really stupid, and you'll be fine.

If you do say something really stupid, and then later regret it (for example, once you've sobered up), then just post some more comments to the same page until the stupid one is pushed out.

Why was my post falsely rejected as spam?

This site uses automated, proprietary spam filtering that has a very low rate of false positives. When a post is falsely tagged as spam, the three most common reasons are:

  1. The post contains hyperlinks (links to other sites). All posts containing hyperlinks are discarded as spam. That's because most of them are.
  2. The post was pasted from a word processor. This is a common technique used by spammers who post spam messages on forums.
  3. The user is attempting to post from an IP address that has recently been identified as a "spammer IP address" by any of several spam-monitoring organizations. This would include many anonymous proxy IP addresses and public Wi-Fi IP addresses because they are commonly used by spammers to avoid detection.

Why aren't hyperlinks allowed?

Two reasons.

Firstly, to try to cut down on the spam. Most spam posts contain hyperlinks, so by not allowing them, we really cut down on the spam a lot.

Secondly, because malicious individuals often post links to sites that can infect your computer. Because this is an unmoderated forum, we probably would never notice those links to remove them, which would endanger our visitors' computers.

Why does some spam slip through the filters?

Because the guy who wrote the script (me) isn't perfect.

Nonetheless, tests by an independent testing agency (my friend Ralph) have determined that the anti-spam system on this site filters out approximately 98 percent of spam submissions, with almost no false positives. If you think you can do better without requiring registration, CAPTCHA challenges, pictures of house cats, or silly puzzles, then by all means put up your own site -- and please let me know when you do. I'd be interested in learning how you did it.


Thanks for visiting. Have fun!